An elegant Pearls Necklace.



ANKE, she who is necessary. She was the female deity, among the most powerful in the cosmos. Like this beautiful pearl necklace. Adjustable long pearl necklace ...

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Handcrafted Jewelry 🧵

To ensure that our products meet the highest standards, each piece of jewelry is galvanized and adorned with the finest crystals, such as Swarovski, or pearls. The metals used in our earrings, necklaces and bracelets, such as bronze and silver, are of the highest quality.

Our craftsmen never use machinery for mass production, but each piece is made entirely by hand.
This includes soldering, sawing, carving, and shaping by hand. Handcrafting results in jewelry where each piece gains discretion and elegance, perfect for any occasion.

Before each creation is deemed suitable, it must be checked by artisans and galvanized with a protective layer of zinc or another material specific to its preservation.

Made with Love

Artisans and designers draw inspiration from many different things. This means that emotion is essential in handmade jewelry.
This sends a specific message and creates a special bond between the designer, the jewelry and the person wearing it. Moreover, it can convey different meanings depending on the people and how they connect with it. By purchasing handmade jewelry we support our community.

We help local artisans become sustainable.

The brand


We are the creators of unique, handmade accessories - pieces that transform the look and empower women by telling the stories of those who came before them and changed the world.

Growing up in the fashion world, Daniela, the founder of Addicted2, has grasped the importance of untold stories. Between the catwalks, the covers of popular magazines, and advertisements, she was always surrounded by different stories. These stories followed her around the world - Paris, Milan, Munich, London, Tokyo...

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