An Upcycled Cap 🧢
The "Æternam"



A trucker cap in a combination of surf and mosquito net of recycled tent. To protect from the sun and the rain in style. It is as comfortable as a classic truck...


Want to add a recycled neoprene keychain? €5 instead of €9! 🔥 *

Unique products ✨

Their products are all unique, they leave clues to the first life of the material and allow our customers to differentiate themselves.

It's all about upcycling ♻️

Upcycling or overcycling consists of creating new objects from materials in the end.

At aeternam, on washing, cutting and sewing Neoprene and mosquito netting to make durable accessories.

A local design 🌳

"I collect and have æternam products made as locally as possible in France and Portugal to offer affordable prices to our customers and supervised working conditions for the workers."
Léopold, founder of Æternam

The brand

Meet Æternam

The brand:

æternam is a brand of eco-responsible accessories made from end-of-life sports equipment. “æternam”, literally “eternal life” in Latin translated my desire to create timeless products, made to last over time by giving new life to a particularly polluting material.

The founder:

I am an engineer and I decided to tackle the recycling of Neoprene (the main component of surfing suits) during my Project Graduation.

Once graduated I decided to pursue the adventure and to continue to grow this project.

So far I have managed to collect, upcycle and sell hundreds of wetsuits as accessories.

Today I seek to create useful, unique products from upcycled materials and all made locally.

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