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A committed cosmetic or nothing đŸ€

oOlution was born from the desire of Anne-Marie Gabelica to create uncompromising beauty, to offer everyone care that respects your skin and the planet: care rich in a unique diversity of plants, truly 100% natural, organic, vegan, made in France, without palm oil, without filling ingredients and on deposit.

We are proud of our commitment and our deep values, oOlution represents what is dear to us: the circular economy, the eternal cycles of resilient ecosystems and also the infinite possibilities available to us because there is still so much to do to protect our planet.

The beginnings of uncompromising beauty ❀

The oOlution seed was born in 2010 when Anne-Marie Gabelica, our founder, who worked for a large cosmetics group, got tired of creams always built on the same model: an obscure formula and a handful of supposed active ingredients. do everything for everyone.

Determined to create truly different skincare products, Anne-Marie tackles everything to create oOlution. Its objective: to create new, 100% natural formulas, without false promises, rich in a unique diversity of plants with 20 to 70 active ingredients per treatment, and without filler ingredients. .

One goal: to limit the impact of our care on the planet ♻

PortĂ©e par sa volontĂ© de faire au mieux, Anne-Marie ne s'arrĂȘte pas lĂ , son souhait Ă©tant d'avoir le meilleur impact Ă©cologique et social. Avec l’aide de l’ADEME et d’ingĂ©nieurs experts, elle a menĂ© une Ă©tude d’éco-conception sur les soins oOlution, afin de limiter leur impact Ă©cologique, de la formulation jusqu’au packaging. Cette dĂ©marche unique lui a valu un Prix du Ministre de l'Écologie.

En tout, il lui a fallu 3 ans pour atteindre ses exigences et voilà que notre premier soin Glow Up est né :) !

The brand

Meet oOlution

We are a brand of 100% natural, organic and vegan cosmetics for face and body. All our products are not tested on animals and made in France. We have been awarded the Slow Cosmétique mention since 2014.

A small independent company, created by Anne-Marie Gabelica, we are committed to bringing you the best for your skin, while doing good for the planet. The effectiveness of our cosmetics is increased tenfold by the unique variety and richness of organic botanical active ingredients selected in each treatment. Our formulas are more concentrated because we use a maximum of ingredients beneficial to your skin: this is what we call the super-nutrition of the skin.

In a zero waste approach, with our deposit system, you can return your finished products to us free of charge so that the bottles can be reused!

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