A customization kit for Sneakers and Clothing 🎹
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Discover the Premium Kit to personalize your Sneakers, Bags and Accessories The Premium Kit has all the necessary equipment to personalize your Sneakers and Cl...


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Their values â€‹â€‹đŸŒ±

SneakArts has always been keen to democratize Custom, to promote Made in France, and to offer eco-friendly, high quality paint.

We work for this with the best French Artists, thanks to whom we have been able to improve our formulas.

Our Goal is to make Art accessible, by offering Paints and Kits that are easy to use.

A Professional Quality 💯

SneakArts markets products that have passed numerous tests (resistance, coverage, etc.).

It is for these reasons that today Artists, confirmed and amateurs, use our paints.

We continue to take all your feedback into account, so do not hesitate to contact us.

A Committed Brand đŸ’ȘđŸ»

Why collect sneakers when you can easily restore them? Today, the overproduction of shoes represents a monstrous carbon footprint, while the products are sometimes of lower quality and more expensive.

An Eco-Friendly painting 🌍

SneakArts Paints are developed from a water-based formulation, and therefore do not use acrylics or toxic solvents.

This means less waste in nature, to help safeguard biodiversity.

The brand

Meet SneakArts


The idea for SneakArts was born in 2021, when Andrea learned that he would never receive his custom kit, which he had ordered on the internet. Seeing that there are few offers on the market for Leather Paints and Kits, he offers his longtime friend, James, to go on an adventure.

Together, they want to allow everyone to try "Custom" and bring a personal touch to their sneakers.

But above all to offer all professional artists quality painting, French, and respectful of the environment!

Both James and Andrea share the same taste for Street-art, especially Sneakers.

SneakArts started out with Stencils and Accessories. After various exchanges with Artists contacted, and the first tests carried out, a painting is born (Classic), SneakArts then sets out to conquer new confirmed artists and amateurs in France, to offer them professional quality, at a better price.

After collecting a lot of feedback, we decided to develop a new Pro range, more fluid, Airbrush compatible and more suitable for porous surfaces such as leather. While the Classic range has found its place on other supports.

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