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Tartan was born in a country where it rains practically every day and has managed, in its many versions, to combine high fashion and punk. Ideal for those who t...


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“Let it Rain” 🌧️

Bragoon was born from the idea of making a rain garment that combines design, fashion and technical performance and is also environmentally sustainable. A product that is both technical and useful at a time when sustainable urban mobility is exploding, and that fits into the generally monotonous rainwear market by offering new style and lots of color even when it rains.

This is rooted in the knowledge that rain is good for the planet and the desire to experience it with joy and style, thanks to rainwear that is practical, functional, imaginative and true to the criterion of sustainability.

They are put on in seconds! 👖

The Bragoon pant has one size fits all physical types.

There are two rows of loops designed to allow the pant to fit different leg lengths.
When you receive it, all you have to do is insert the belt into the loops and adjust it to your waist size.

Add a fantastic pair of Gaiters!.

Bragoon waterproof gaiters are the perfect complement to rain pants.
Used alone, they become the practical and fashionable accessory to protect pants and footwear from water.

Sustainability ♻️

Bragoon garments are planet-conscious and are made from polyethylene terephthalate made from recycled plastic bottles (RePET®). They are garments made to last and will accompany you on rainy days season after season.

Our sensitivity to the planet is reconfirmed in our choice of environmentally friendly packaging.

The brand

Meet Bragoon

Inspired by Swinging London, when Mary Quant's miniskirts, Vidal Sassoon's cut-outs, and the Beatles and Rolling Stones revolution invaded the gray and compassionate London, Bragoon wishes to actively participate in the great revolution of sustainable and environmentally friendly urban mobility, which is changing the face of our urban centers, coloring our cities on rainy days.

Our style can be summed up with the definition "Rain is the new sun."

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