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Discovering the world of Leonardo da Vinci and the engineers of the Italian Renaissance through their drawings, theories and ideas. Assembly box model of Leona...


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Leonardo's machines 👨🎨 🎨

Artist, painter, architect, engineer, scientist, inventor...despite his fame, all that remains of his flourishing career are the few famous paintings and a handful of sculptures.
But of his prolific activity as an inventor he has left us evidence in an impressive array of materials; the Codices.

Notes, sketches, annotations written in a special and ingenious handwriting, called "mirror" because they can be read are through the reflection of a mirror, precisely.

Dahimo and the passion for historical models 🧡

Dahimo's historical models are made from the highest quality Italian woods including Walnut, Birch and Poplar.
Cutting and engraving techniques are done exclusively with numerically controlled laser machines. This has made it possible to use interlocking techniques, which are impossible to achieve by other means.

All our products are made from different types of wood that differ in their color, which we have left natural, without any kind of dye.

The brand

Meet Dahimo

Dahimo - Historic Models to Assemble is a creation born in the heart of Tuscany by Mauro Da Vela, a craftsman of wood and history.

Our philosophy is the search for form, in the balance of weights and measures.
While respecting Leonardo's inventive genius, our design is to take away, to eliminate unnecessary "frills." On the other hand, as Leonardo said, "Simplicity is the greatest sophistication."

Welcome to our world....

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