Maglioni, Cardigan e Poncho in pura lana di baby alpaca
Flor - Indigo Blue



Cardigan with handmade hemispherical flower appliqués placed on the upper front and back worked with a perforated honeycomb-like stitch. Long sleeve, shawl neck...


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Craft Ethical Clothing 🧵

Inkanti is a brand that was created with the goal of bringing awareness to Italy and Europe as well of the precious virtues of pure Alpaca knitwear, where production is almost zero, actively contributing to improving the economic and living conditions of Andean communities, custodians of the ancient art of weaving Alpaca fiber.

What is Baby Alpaca? 🦙

To adapt to the extreme climatic conditions in which it lives, the alpaca has developed a wonderful fiber that is among the rarest and most prized in the world.
The alpaca lives in the highlands of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia, grazing at high altitudes (up to 4800 mts.l.m.) and feeding almost exclusively on wild vegetation.
His thick coat is best developed precisely to be able to withstand environmental adversity and temperature ranges of +/- 20°C between day and night.

Natural and Sustainable Fashion 🌏

Our Inkanti women's clothing is exclusively made of natural baby alpaca wool and is totally free of synthetic fibers so as not to distort its valuable qualities, to respect our skin and have as little environmental impact as possible.

Unlike other camelids or sheep, the breeding of which results in a strong environmental impact, the alpaca does not damage the land on which it grazes because its highly mobile upper lip allows it to graze grass without damaging its roots, and the pads covering its hooves allow the animal to walk on the ground without compromising its integrity.

Between Italy and Peru ✈️

During our travels we experienced deeply and intensely what it is to love a place and its origins.
We also met and selected good master artisans between Lima, the capital, and Arequipa, in southern Peru who have a savoir-faire that has been handed down from generation to generation, where quality comes first and above all they are the authentic keepers of the secret of the perfect weaving of alpaca fiber, keeping it fluffy, elastic and luminous.

The great Peruvian craft tradition of knitwear is the story of Men and Women. For us, it is fundamental to respect their work, without exploitation, as work is dignity and should be remunerated at the right price.
We are guided by the thought that the best way to help a community and a local economy grow is through its labor. In this way, when you buy an Inkanti garment, you have the knowledge that a part of its price has served to contribute concretely to the development of these communities, creating more prosperous societies.

The brand

Meet Inkanti

Inkanti, an Italian brand of ethical, artisanal and natural fashion, reinterprets the ancient art of Alpaca fiber processing in Peru through a refined style for the contemporary woman, with sophisticated, innovative and Made in Italy designs.

Inkanti emphasizes quality not quantity by producing durable clothing that spans time and transcends seasons.

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