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😍 SALVADOR is the ideal idleness companion! SALVADOR is a small neck cushion specially designed to delicately hold the neck. It provides a great feeling of ca...


"My invention is worth its weight in gold" winners đŸ“ș

In July 2019 Isidor the car pillow won over M6 experts: JĂ©rĂŽme Bonaldi, Erika Delattre and Emmanuelle Rivassoux. Then the Cdiscount brand named the Petits Cadors the winners of this show dedicated to inventions. It's a great reward and a great boost for the brand!

A commitment to sleep đŸ’€

Sleeping and resting are human needs just like breathing, drinking or eating. It is therefore urgent to give them back the place they deserve and to be able to satisfy them as much as possible in our daily lives. It is in this perspective that we design our nomadic pillows!
Oriented towards well-being, we believe that it is essential to combine the useful and the pleasant!

Un produit 100% conçu en France ♻

When you buy a Petits Cadors product, you make the choice of a product made 100% in France and you contribute at the same time to the creation of jobs and the rebirth of a textile industry in France.

The brand

Meet Petits Cadors

Petits Cadors, a story born in the family

“Like many travelers and families, we bought a U-shaped cushion to sleep in the car, but... nobody closed the eye with this accessory. So we had the idea of ​​creating a real car pillow with a fastening system to keep it in place. At home, we made the first prototype that we used ourselves, then imagined other shapes of pillows for different nomadic uses.
The approved concept: the Petits Cadors brand was born! »
_ Muriel & Laurent

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