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This box is perfect for someone who cares about the environment and who wants to consume French, organic and healthy foods. Mé-Mé products come from organic f...

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What to know? 🔍

Box 100% French and very low in sugar containing 1 drink of each and 1 box of gummies of each as well as a lemon ginger candle.

Free box designed and signed by Leona Rose.

Why Mé-Mé ? 📖

"Me" in Japanese means bud. Gold matcha green tea are buds of Japanese green tea reduced to a powder state and the tree sap makes the buds hatch. In Japanese, the symbolism of "Mé" refers to what comes out of the earth to reach the sky and is a sign of rebirth and plenitude.

And since Mé-Mé likes humorous notes, our slogan is "Shake your Mé-Mé" since you really have to shake the drinks before enjoying them.

0% Plastic ♻️

Mé-Mé has eliminated plastic from its packaging and has chosen Tetra Pak for its bricks printed in Dijon, as a symbol of commitment to the planet, since they are 100% recyclable.

To complete the process, the caps are made of sugar cane to allow recycling. With its boxes of reusable gummies, Mé-Mé minimizes the impact on the environment.

Léona Rose x Mé-Mé 🎨

Mé-Mé has entrusted all the design of its range to Léona Rose, a young French street culture artist. Thus were born magnificent colored bricks for drinks and reusable boxes for gummies. Two animal totems represent the products: the monkey, emblem of wisdom in Japan and which inhabits the forests, and the deer, emblem of regeneration, that of the tree.

The brand

Meet Boissons Mé-Mé

Created in Annecy, Mé-Mé is a new French brand of organic iced teas without refined sugars. Mé-Mé teas are essentially composed of tree sap, a water rich in vitamins and nutrients naturally produced by the tree to draw all the benefits that nature has to offer. With Mé-Mé, no more refined sugar! We leave room for our healthy and natural innovation: grape must and its rich antioxidant properties. Find our range of iced teas in 33cl and 1L format but also our gummies sold in 35g boxes, chewing gums that act as prebiotics to maintain the intestinal flora and facilitate digestion. The Mé-Mé range also includes an in-house range of intoxicatingly scented candles.... Green tea/Mint and Lemon/Ginger. -> Made in France, without additives or preservatives, organic -> The packaging is made of 100% recyclable cardboard from ecologically managed forests under the FSC label. And the cap is made of sugar cane to have 0% plastic. -> Designed by the French artist Léona Rose

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