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Are you looking for a bag that allows you to carry everything you need for your baby? Thanks to its storage pockets, you can fit the necessities for diaper chan...

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Alessia, an enterprising mom. 🤱

My passion for washable diapers and eco living, prompted me to design and create a line of diapers with the aim of cutting down the waste of disposables, both environmentally and economically.

The key features I was looking for in a diaper were:
- A quick closure;
- Comfort for the baby, the diaper should not be too full or bulky ( the zorb inserts enclose, in fact, the maximum amount of absorbent in very little space! )
- One-size-fits-all that accompanies the baby's growth, to avoid buying too many diapers and using them for a limited time;
- Intuitive and affordable resize for everyone who cares for babies;
- Affordable, but without sacrificing quality and certifications.

The brand

Meet Belinda Wild

Behind BelindaWild is me, Alessia, mom of two beautiful babies, my daily source of inspiration and my greatest satisfaction!

Where did BelindaWild come from?
I started by designing a paper pattern, self-producing them and testing them. Having established their fantastic functionality, I started a production run of them to share with other new parents interested not only in the health of their children but also in the health of the environment!

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