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The 48 Cookies Box 🍪 Discovery



Discover the Cookie Box, a healthy and gourmet cooking kit ❤️ Thanks to this kit, it is possible to make 4x12 cookies with flavors: - Peanuts - Chocolate C...


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Eco-responsible and French kits ♻️

We want to participate in the development of local producers. Exchanges and direct contacts are very important to us.

We carefully select our ingredients according to their mode of production, their quality and the impact of their transport.

What is batch cooking?🍪

Batch cooking is a concept that comes to us from across the Atlantic and which consists of optimizing recipes, to devote the least amount of time to cooking, to produce a maximum of meals.

It is best known for evening meals or box lunches. In summary, it is a question of blocking 2 hours in the agenda to cook several cakes / cookies and other creams that will delight the sweet taste buds. 😍

The brand

Meet La Boîte à Recette

La Boîte à Recette is THE solution to stop buying industrial biscuits.

No time, No flour, too busy, mother-in-law and father-in-law arriving unexpectedly! Don't panic, Cooking Kit, a Recipe Box and let's go!

Beyond a solution to an overly busy life, the Recipe Box is also a commitment... French flour, French sugar, fair trade cocoa, organic products and packaging environmentally friendly.

A kit for a cake or cookies, A box to plan the week... do you know Batchcooking?

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