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The essential box n°1 is ideal to please or treat yourself. You will find inside: - Organic deodorant of your choice - Natural pre-shampoo of your choice -...


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Our consumers 🗣

You respect is to be totally transparent about our products and our way of manufacturing.
An understandable INCI list: the list of ingredients is incomprehensible. We have chosen to explain each ingredient and the reason for its presence.

Handcrafted: each small solid is handmade in our laboratory in Mornant. We manufacture by hand, but are subject to the same regulations as any company in the cosmetics sector. It took us more than 18 months to successfully launch our brand, as each product underwent laboratory checks and in-depth study.
On the other hand, our products are formulated with the minimum of ingredients that will give you only what you need. We have chosen to put only the essential ingredients in each of our solid cosmetics, no superfluous.

Our suppliers ♻️

At Les Petits Solides, it is essential that everyone's work be fairly remunerated and above all not to participate unconsciously in the work of children or animals.
It is with this mindset that we have chosen our suppliers. For the majority of them, they are present on French soil. For our main raw materials, cocoa butter and coconut oil, which often face human abuses and/or responsible for ecological disasters, we have chosen fair trade. Regarding our other raw materials, they come from organic farming when possible. In order to have raw materials without pesticides and to participate in the development of this agriculture.

Our environment 🌱

The best waste is the one that is not produced. For us, this means limiting the use of plastic in both the manufacturing and sales process. For this, we offer recyclable cardboard packaging. We have set up the management, sorting and reuse of waste, in particular cardboard and protection from our suppliers.
The choice of solid cosmetics is no coincidence.

The brand

Meet Les Petits Solides

My name is Laurie ARCIER, I founded the Les Petits Solides brand in 2020.

My desire was to create a cosmetics brand in line with my values, and the most important of them: the respect.
I wanted to launch small solids to show that in this world of controversial cosmetics, it was possible to have products that were good for consumers and the planet.
Graduated with a master's degree in marketing and management, I trained with natural cosmetics professionals in order to be able to produce cosmetics.

Today, when you use a Les Petits Solids product, I'm the one behind it. You can rest assured that I put all my passion and love into your cosmetics.

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