Colourful socks made in France 🧦
Caroline Barrel



Original socks made in France created by Caroline Barel, made in Limousin in Oeko-Tex certified cotton by the Broussaud Textile workshop. Composition: Cott...


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A social ice-breaker 🗣

A way to break the ice and start a conversation:

With original, non-genre, inclusive socks made to be shown, assumed, told and claimed, "Quanailles" is a nose-thumbing at conventions, received ideas, the established order and pigeonholing! A real federating movement around the sock.

A responsible approach ♻️

Our approach is to be responsible. Our socks are made of Oeko-Tex certified cotton (without harmful products for humans and the planet). Our envelopes are 100% recyclable, our riders are made of recycled cardboard and the stamps used are green stamps, for reduced gas emissions. Our next goal is to recycle your socks to make new ones and thus create a virtuous circle: To be continued ....

A concept 100% made in France 🇫🇷

With production in the Broussaud workshop in the Limousin, designers and graphic artists in France, a French printing house and a Neo-Bank from the French Tech, Quanailles is doing its best to represent "Made in France".

A challenge for artists 🎨

You won't find our socks anywhere else. Their designs are created exclusively for Quanailles, by a collective of artists from different backgrounds, united by the project and super enthusiastic about dressing your ankles.

The brand

Meet Quanailles

The idea for Quanailles comes from my son who chose, before going to bed, the socks I was going to wear the next morning at the office.

I noticed that he did everything to choose the most flashy and fancy socks each time. As we don't say bad words at home, I kept telling him that he was really a little scoundrel.

Another day, in the car, I asked him what job he would like to do later. He replied: Youtubeur-Footballeur!!

I then replied that it did not exist. Disappointed... He then asked me if it was possible to invent his profession.

So I had the idea to prove to him that it was possible and that we can invent the job we want. So we became Dressers of ankles of pairs in threads.

Quanailles was born!

This little game quickly became a differentiating element in the office.

From the sobriety of my consultant's suit emanated that little extra ""standout"" at the height of my ankles.

And from then on, even when we couldn't remember my first name, I was the one with the "funny" socks.

Then began the remarks of the style: "" I couldn't ", or " " How do you dare? ", or " " Personally, I don't assume.. ."".

Without realizing why it was so ""crazy"" I simply replied that I totally assumed my way of dressing and that I had nothing to do with those who preferred to judge me on my ankles rather than my professional skills.

I can't explain why this displayed self-confidence was contagious, but those around me began to adopt my socks!

This is how I imagined a brand of socks, like a social ice-breaker!

Socks made to be assumed, claimed, that we want to show and tell.

A ""nice"" way to break certain codes, not to fit into boxes, not to appear conventional.

Dare with this small gesture: stand out, get noticed!

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