Golden earrings
Les Créoles

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Like all the jewels in Edition 01, Les Créoles were designed by Barbara in Paris then handcrafted in Portugal in a family workshop. It's up to you to wear the...


What to know? 🔍


It was after an obstacle in life and a common motivation that Barbara and Mahaut, a mother and daughter, set out together.

To allow each woman to express her uniqueness by wearing strong and unique pieces.

Handmade jewelry 👐🏻

Our jewelry is made in Portugal with our partner workshop.

The workshop with which we work hand in hand is made up of about twenty craftsmen of all ages. They are people who are passionate about their profession, using artisanal techniques passed down from father to son!

Each of the pieces passes through the hands of different actors: the founder, the craftsmen who form and assemble them, the gilder for the gold plating...

A commitment to Stroke Research 🤝

We have made a commitment to the Foundation for Stroke Research to donate 1€ on the sale of each jewel.

It was important to us to support research into the causes of stroke and especially on the 'after' of the accident.

In fact, the sequelae vary from one person to another and for us, the accident hit hard and left significant lifelong sequelae for Barbara. These sequelae can be avoided or reduced by treatments when the management of the stroke respects a certain time frame. We are happy to support research projects for other treatments to improve the situation of people for whom a stroke is diagnosed and taken care of "late"!
Fortunately, life goes on and this step has allowed us to give birth to LITTLE COURT PARIS!

The brand

Meet Little Court Paris

LITTLE COURT PARIS is a mother-daughter duo who find themselves after an accident in life. Together, they create their strong universe and imagine jewelry with character inspired by the strength and natural beauty of women.

Jewelry with character, metal and a unique texture.

LITTLE COURT PARIS wishes to allow each woman to express her singularity and her natural femininity.

We have made a commitment to the Foundation for Stroke Research to donate €1 per sale of jewellery.

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