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ColorVelvet is a unique and special product that is timeless and ageless. It is a velvet print on absorbent cardboard, which outlines the design and defines e...


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ColorVelvet, fun and relaxing! 😊

Colorvelvet is not the usual coloring pattern, but rather a special picture made of soft velvet and cardboard, covered with a special blotting paper that makes the colors bright and vivid.

Coloring these drawings is simple, this makes Colorvelvet a fun and relaxing pastime for all ages.
Whether you are alone, with company, or with your children, ColorVelvet always gives you an opportunity to take time and relax.

Make the world's greatest works of art yours. 🖼️

All ColorVelvet products are colorable with markers, pencils, watercolors, tempera.
After giving free rein to your whimsy, you can place the cardboard inside a cortice and hang it up so you can amaze all your guests!

The brand

Meet Color Velvet

ColorVelvet is an Italian company that has been active in the world of design and velvet cards for more than 20 years. All products are made in Italy using state-of-the-art methods and printers so the end customer is guaranteed maximum color, image and definition. Whether adults or children, ColorVelvet brings joy and fun to homes throughout Europe.

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