100% Biodegradable iPhone cases
iPhone 13 Pro Max - Ocean blue



Biodegradable, soft, shockproof and Made in Italy covers. Protruding edges to ensure impact absorption and maximum glass protection. The camera is safe thanks t...


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Less Plastic, More Trees! 🌲

Every year, millions of iPhone cases and other mobile devices made of plastic or silicone are produced, which will take 25 to 50 years to decompose.
Making biodegradable cases is a small contribution to reducing environmental pollution.

Anyone who buys an iNature case chooses a beautiful, easy, functional and above all useful product because it will help the planet in some way.

100% biodegradable cover ♻️

Through the use of biopolymers and new processing techniques, we have created a range of 100% Biodegradable and Compostable Eco-Friendly products.

Unlike the 100% Bio products on the market today, iNature offers a product qualitatively on par with traditional polluting plastics: - durable over time "NOT DISPOSABLE" - pleasant to the touch touch and smell - with a price in line with the market

The brand

Meet INature

It all comes from the hope of Luca and Paolo to embrace the I NATURE philosophy .
From a trivial product like a cover it is possible to spread an ideal like respect for the environment… from our thinking comes the project that takes the form of a product, the vehicle of our dream: Making the world aware of our thinking. ..

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