Romyreg was born from the desire to create unique decorative pieces that have a history and respect our planet. Durable decorative objects, which give meaning to the heart of our lives because they carry within them a know-how and a sentimental value.

Romyreg are hand-tufted rugs and cushions, as well as antique and refurbished stools. All the pieces are unique because drawn by hand on the weaving canvas. They are designed as decorative objects that give both beauty and meaning to your interior.

Behind Romyreg hides Romane, the creator of the brand. After studying art history, literature and a research master's degree in gender studies, Romane trained herself in the weaving technique of tufting as an autodidact.

Inspired by women artists of the 20th century, she wishes to highlight their work and raise awareness of the place they occupy in the history of art.

Aware of the climate emergency and in love with nature, it offers products with natural raw materials (wool, jute, linen, etc.) of high quality, working with local and French suppliers who defend the wool sector and French know-how.