La Ferme Bio de Pigerolles

The Pigerolles Organic Farm spans several generations. It is a model of circular economy and sustainable development. It is a passionate, competent, and committed team that works for a resilient model, from field to mouth, in order to continue to revitalize its territory.

We are Jouany, Jérémy, Patrick, Benjamin, Brian, Bernard, Sylvie, and Clémentine, farmers who want to live off the fruits of our labor on a beautiful but hostile territory due to its climatic conditions and economic poverty.

The Pigerolles Organic Farm has implemented various cultural itineraries that now allow it to control the entire hemp production cycle.

Culture, transformation, and sale: everything is done on the farm.

It is in its workshop in Pigerolles that a range of high-quality hemp-based products has been developed: organic production, natural extraction and maceration techniques, high-quality products, impeccable and transparent traceability, compliance with standards and laws...

For the past 4 years, the Pigerolles Organic Farm has been working resolutely to ensure that France progresses in step with its European neighbors.