Ex-Libris Paris

Ex-Libris Paris is a brand of bespoke bibliophile stamps, created in the image of its owner.

“Ex libris”, from the Latin “of the book of”, is a tradition dating back to the 15th century, to mark one's books and create one's library. It's a fancy way of saying "it's mine." A set of symbols, puns and visual metaphors dialogue in these miniature engravings to encapsulate the identity of the reader in an image.

Ex-Libris Paris brings tradition back to life by offering contemporary bibliophiles a way to reconnect with their heritage while expressing their uniqueness.

Our Ex Libris are true works of art, unique and tailor-made to reflect your identity. Tell us about your inspirations, or take a psycho-philosophical interview that will allow us to better probe the symbols that represent you.

Ex-Libris Paris was born in Paris, from an encounter between Igor Telinge and Lauren Easum, following their respective passages at the Beaux-Arts and the École du Louvre. Somewhere Igor has a mental list of all the books he has lent that have never been returned to him. Ex-Libris Paris is his revenge.

Lauren is the kind of girl who will never return your book. And who will end up believing that it is his from the beginning. Ex-Libris Paris is his way of repenting.