Avangarde France

We are a brand that only uses the highest quality fabrics in the world for our made in France clothing.

Unlike classic brands, our fabrics are among the world's top 5% in terms of quality with high counts, long fibers and certified organic cotton.

We research and develop our fabrics ourselves. Each year, more than 2000 fabrics are sourced to be at the forefront of style, quality and eco-responsibility.

We also develop our collections ourselves, designing our pieces and then working with our design offices to turn our ambitions into reality.

For our production, we have chosen to work with French workshops that usually produce for luxury brands. How ? Over the past two years, we have created a real relationship of trust with them, which allows us to innovate and offer new things to our customers.

The impact we have on the world is something that particularly affects us, and it is not just a marketing argument. Behind this brand are two people, Fanny and Paul, we created this brand out of conviction and to make the world around us better in the years to come.

This is why our employees are very well paid and why we produce in France. We have chosen to completely banish polyester from our pieces but also to make our buttons from responsible materials such as milk, which was intended to be thrown away, or corozo nuts.

Thus, we offer very high-end parts with the best compromise between eco-responsibility, quality, design and price."